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Tibetan Sakya Trust consists of a team of competent, committed and experienced volunteers. Allow us to introduce them to you on this page.

Vicky with Khenpo and Tor

Vicky Macleod

TST Volunteer


I have always had a passionate interest in Tibetan and Indian people and their cultures but nothing prepared me for my visit to India in 2016 to meet the beautiful children we sponsor.  The lay people and Monks look after little children who are either brought to them but invariably who are sought out by the older monks (20-25 years old) who trek to the far reaching villages and mountainous dwellings - often caves and brought back many miles to the monasteries where they are protected and truly cared for. I went to India to welfare check on the children that we sponsor and yes, they are all receiving every penny our dear sponsors send but the extent of the care given by Khenpo, the volunteers and friends of the monasteries and the monks is unsurpassable.  Thanks to our sponsors some little children are safe and loved and nurtured in all aspects.
As for me - I'm a very proud mother of two fine men, blessed with loving daughters in law and I am a besotted grandmother to five little girls.  I live and work in London and constantly seek to be right here in the moment and see what arises.  




Danielle Jenkins

Danielle Jenkins

TST Volunteer


I joined the TST back in February 2017 after being enrolled by Tor, who I have known since we were 12 years old.   


Currently I specialise in Dementia and Delirium nursing in London.  I was born and still live in Reading, with husband and our cat.  I love trying new things and is partly why I got involved with the charity. It’s great to feel like I can give something back.


The whole charity was fairly new to me but the work it does and the children’s and people’s lives changes is an inspiration and I feel lucky to be a part of it.  I’ve been intrigued learning about the Tibetan way of life which goes hand in hand with Tibetan Buddhism.


I really like seeing the letters the children and parents send and I am hoping my real love of computers can bring value to the charity.



Sue Sedgley

Sue Sedgley

TST Trustee


Hi, my name is Sue Sedgley, a volunteer for the TST since inception after having visited Northern India to celebrate His Holinesses 60th birthday at the Sakya Centre in Dehradun.  The trip was a life changing experience!  The Tibetans have an amazing culture.  The celebrations at the Sakya Centre lasted for 2 days with traditional singing and dancing and many gifts given to His Holiness!  A long procession up the stairs into the Gompa with chanting by the monks and eventually being presented to H.H Sakya Trizin.


We visited several sites - one of the most moving trips was to Purawella where we were invited by the local school to watch them sing and dance - wonderful!  They are so happy and cheerful but have so little!  The Tibetan settlements are a haven of peace amongst the chaos that is India!


On our return home I was so moved it was fortunate that our Lama, Khenpo Lekshey, suggested we set up a charity to help the Tibetan community and way of life.  So here we are steadily raising money to help the Tibetan people and especially the children who are poor, parents who are ill or have passed away and many that have entered monastaries and nunneries to receive an eductaion.


I support 3 children and as a Grandmother I am pleased that I can help with educational accessories, food and clothing for these Tibetan children.


Being retired now I spend time supporting the Tibetan Sakya Trust, Sakya Thubten Ling Tibetan Buddhist Centre and being a member of Faith Links and SACRE. 



John Webb

John Webb

TST Trustee


My wife Katherine and I, live in a small village on Dartmoor in a cottage we renovated 2 years ago. 


I retired in 2011 after 40 years in the Pharmaceutical Industry, working in a variety of Sales Management and Marketing positions.


My interests include Sailing, walking our Irish Red Setter on the moor and Climate Change.


I have been a Trustee of the TST from 2003 - 2005 and returned in 2013. I have also worked in the Charity sector for The Samaritans and raised over £5000 for a London based children's charity.



Khenpo Lekshey

Khenpo Lekshey

TST Trustee & Founder


Khenpo Lekshey was born in the Sakya, Tibet, in 1957 and moved to Rajpur, India, when he 3 years old. By the time he was 8 he entered the Sakya Monastary to become a full time Dhama student.  


He was resident at the Singapore Centre from 1984 until 1989 until His Holiness Sakya Trizin requested him to return to Rajpur to become the Director of the Sakya Centre in Dehradun.


Khenpo has founded a number of Sakya groups in Europe and the USA.  As a result of his extensive travel around the world he has a large number of students who look to him for spiritual guidance.


He has a keen interest in world affairs and a wonderful outgoing personailty.   He continues to help those in need where ever he can all over the globe, no matter what their background or circumstances.



Tor Hall with two of our students in Ladakh

Tor Hall

TST Trustee & Chairperson


Currently living and working in London, I first came in to contact with the charity whislt living in Bournemouth about 11 years ago.  I would occasionally volunteer for a fund raising event and have been a regular donator to the chairty for some years.  I now sponsor 3 children based in Dehradun.


For 8 years I was a volunteer of St John Ambulance as an Advanced First Aider and a Community First Responder for the last 3 years with the London Ambulance Service. I spent one year in Moshi, Tanzania teaching Maths and English as a volunteer at a primary school.  I have since been involved in numerous projects inlcuding the funding of a school classroom with the Kilimanjaro Lions Club.  


I take so much pride in our charity and the wonderful work that all of our volunteers and sponsors do to help the less fortunate young children and adults in the world make a better life for themselves.  I am also a dedicated student of Khenpo Lekshey who I am also very proud to be connected to.


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