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Some of the places where the young children and adults we sponsor are based

The Nunnery in Ladakh: Ladakh is one of the highest places in the world and boasts of the highest road in the world.  The roads are treacherous which means nearly all the food and every day supplies have to be flown in by air to Ladakh and of course this makes it an expensive place to live!  The girls are given free education locally but need support for all their other needs!

Sakya Choephling, Institute of Higher Buddhist Studies, in Rimbick: Sakya Choephling is high up in the mountains.  Rimbick is a village near the India-Nepal border in India.  Traveling in this area is very difficult. There is limited access to the internet and no mobile phone signal.

Sakya Kunga Shedup Ling Monastery, Kurseong, Darjeeling: We have also supported Sakya Kunga Shedup Ling Monastery since 2005.  They similarly are way up in the mountains with limited communication. 

Sakya Nunnery, Dehradun: We started sponsoring some of the poorer nuns living and studying at the Sakya nunnery in 2016.  Although near a town some of these students have no financial support for some of their very basic needs.

The buddhist centres offer them free studies of their Tibetan lineage and Culture; English, Maths and Philosophical studies as well as more practical house keeping and computer studies. This will include cost of food, clean water, clothing and shelter.  However with more children arriving they are struggling to keep up and these children and young adults need our help

Lay children, Dehradun and Dehli: There are several children who attend main stream schools, still living with a family member.  Their parents or guardians are incredibly poor and need our support to help pay for their school fees.

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